Tips to Make Your Blog Look More Professional

First impressions seen by the reader when reading the blog content is about the appearance. A good looking blog will make the readers comfor...

First impressions seen by the reader when reading the blog content is about the appearance. A good looking blog will make the readers comfortable in reading the content of your blog. Besides, your good design blog will make your blog more professional.

Giving excessive widget does not make a blog more interesting, instead it will make the blog look cluttered. In addition, over the selection of colors should also be noted that the display does not make eye pain to the readers.

Here are some tips to make your blog look nice and attractive:

1. Be careful in choosing the color
The color on the blog is the fundamental thing that should be noted. Do not let the color of the text is almost similar to the background color. Besides cultivated avoid color other than black for the use of text in the article content. Blogs that use white paper with black background in the article would make the reader tired when reading. Of course it will make the readers feel uncomfortable when they reading the content.

Should not use a color other than white for the background.

2. Choosing the Text Size
Text size is also very important article. When the writing is too small user will find it hard to read, and when the writing is too large is the user can more easily see it, but of course it will make the display look bad and the user will be difficult to read the contents of the article as a whole. In addition, the same as the color problem, the size of the text that is not right will make the reader's eyes tired when reading our articles.

In general, a good text size ranged between 14px-16px, but actually it depends on the theme of your blog.

3. Do not use any type of font that is odd
Odd here means not using a font that is readable. Sometimes we often find a blog with unique font, for example using cursive, etc. It is of course difficult for the reader to recognize the existing posts on the blog and make the reader want to read the content of our blog.

4. Do not install Clock
Clock Widget is useless posted in the blog. Readers rarely care about the clock is on the blog. When readers open our blog, of course, he could see the clock on the device that he had. Be it a laptop or mobile phone, of course there has been provided Jam. In addition there is no point, Jam also will make our blog loading becomes heavy.

5. Do not install Calendar
This section does not need to be explained in detail again, for reasons similar to the use of Clock Widget. In addition to useless, because there is a calendar on the device using the reader, use the Calendar widget will also make heavy loading our blog.

6. Make a logo for the blog
blog logo make your blog look professional. When a blog is not to use the logo, it makes the blog look less professional. In addition, the blog logo can also make your blog have a memorable identity of interest to readers.

7. Do not put excessive ads
ads posted excessive and even covered the blog content will make the reader closes your blog. Perhaps you are referring to is that the reader can easily see the ad, but in reality the reader does not like it. Moreover, if in the blog are floating ads that are difficult to close, of course, readers of your blog will close immediately. Be sure to put in place a strategic advertising, but not scattered.

8. Do not put the song widget on the blog
Song posted on blogs drastically make your blog becomes heavy. Why the songs posted on a blog that readers can turn to use the device's own songs? Maybe if your blog is themed music, it is still understandable, but for another theme? Of course it would look weird and disturbing.

9. Install the widgets that not related to the blog
Adding widgets that many do not make your blog look nice or cool. Maybe some people think more widgets installed in blog it will make a blog look professional. But it is a big mistake when the widget is installed it is not useful. The reader will be confused and questioning precisely what exactly to the installed widgets.

10. Do not use large images
Large images will made loading page become heavy. Intend to make a blog look cool? Actually you are wrong. When the reader to wait too long to load your blog, it will immediately shut down your blog and shifted its focus to other blogs lighter.


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