6 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Everyone can create a blog and it isn't difficult. However, if we talk about making money from a blog, probably many blogger still don&#...

Everyone can create a blog and it isn't difficult. However, if we talk about making money from a blog, probably many blogger still don't understand how to do it. Monetize a blog is not easy for a beginner blogger. In this post, i will share you how to make money blogging.

Some people build a blog just for fun, and other bloggers blogging with clear objectives. In this case, I am a blogger who had a clear objectives in building a blog, the blogging for money :D

I've built more than 5 blogs in different categories that are made in Indonesian and English. The income of each blog is different. Here are a few ways to make money from blogs.

1. Commissions From Affiliate Marketing

Join in an affiliate program is one way to make money from blogs. It should be noted that the affiliate programs that we should follow according to the blog topic. For example, a blog topic is about internet marketing, then we follow the affiliate program should be associated with this niche. The better your content, the higher chances to get money with this method. From the Amazon affiliate program, you can get thousands of dollars.

2. Offer Advertising space in Blog

A blog which has high traffic usually will get many potential advertisers. Independent advertising space has cost until hundreds of dollars for each ad every month. That must be considered is the product or website that we are advertising to be adapted to the topic of the website / blog that we wake up. For example, the topic of your website about internet marketing or business opportunity, then the type of advertising that you can receive is a product or a website related to the niche.

Should we DO NOT accept ads that promote a product or a website that is completely unrelated to our website niche as this will confuse the audience and usually ugly conversion. For example, your website about internet marketing, then you put an ad on the advertiser who promotes hair regrowth products.

3. Marketing Services or Your Own Products

This means you have a business that wants to offer to your audience. I often find blogs that are made in a creative way, the blog of the bloggers write about their daily activities, hobbies, as well as expertise in a particular field.

Well, the blog owner is selling the product, hobbies, or services, to the readers of his blog. So, in addition to getting friends bloggers on the internet, he also earned by selling expertise or products on the blog.

4. Write Articles About Other Business / Website

This activity is usually referred to Paid for Review. There are many companies who want to get their business is reviewed on the others. Usually these companies are willing to pay quite expensive for a review article. The article reviews normally will be paid until 500 dollars, it depends on the negotiations.

However, it is not easy to get the Advertiser are willing to pay for the review article. Actually, the Advertiser will contact you by email and asked for a review article about their business.

5. Sell Your Blog

This is another possible way to make money from blogs. It would be very hard to sell a blog that we have built, but if you have no time or are not able to maintain the blog, you can choose this option.

Sell the blog will be difficult if we do not know how or do not have a network who can help sell your blog / website. Contact a broker or mediator will be very helpful to find a potential buyer candidates. Some of the website / blog ever sold each $ 1,000 with the help of a broker.The money can be used for build the another business.

6. Become a Google Adsense Publisher

Google Adsense is one of the most popular PPC program and most widely followed by publishers worldwide. To become a publisher and earn money from Google Adsense, we should have a website / blog that has a large enough traffic. Publisher revenue obtained from valid clicks Adsense ads in your website / blog, but you can't click your ads by yourself because it is prohibited by the Google Adsense.

Currently there are a lot of big sites, who joined Google Adsense publisher. Several local large websites in Indonesia who join the Google Adsense is Detik.com, Kompas.com, Tribunnews.com, Kaskus.co.id, Merdeka.com, Kapanlagi.com, Vemale.com, and others. While some startup which also joined the Google Adsense like Femaledaily.com, Bersosial.com, 1cak.com, and others.


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